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Curios fosters the breadth of creative expressions across our northern Arizona community by providing publication opportunities to local writers and artists. The magazine is produced annually by Coconino Community College students enrolled in COM 181 with the guidance of CCC faculty and staff.

about this edition

When we chose Transformations as the theme for this year's edition of Curioswe had no idea how relevant it would be. We had no idea that we would be compiling Curios from home, soliciting contributions through text messages, swapping materials through the College's learning management system, and sharing design ideas over Zoom and cell phones. The way we had conducted business in the past was no longer possible; we were forced to transform our process and arrive at a design that met our new challenges and old deadlines.

The contributions on the pages inside reflect transformations of their own. They reflect images that shift and change in varying light and movement. They reveal transformations in behavior as we encounter marked days of unrest and uncertainty. They explore the devastation of a world attacked by an uncontrollable virus, marred further by a global economic downturn.

This edition pays tribute to all transformations, good and bad, with a message of hope that we can build a stronger community by rejecting our old ways and adopting new ways to save the tender world we live in. 

com 181 staff


Delmy Payne

Literature Editor and Graphic Designer


Sandra Dihlmann


Colleen A. Smith, PhD

Coconino Community College President


Nate Southerland, PhD


Kimberly Batty-Herbert, EdD

Dean of Learning Services - Arts & Sciences

Jeff Jones

Dean of Learning Services - CTE


Colleen Carscallen

Sandra Dihlmann

Larry Hendricks

Jenni Jameson

Alan Peterson

Trevor Welker


Larry Hendricks


Trevor Welker