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A slice of Life

Marsha Monestersky

With great excitement, Marsha and her identical twin sister Rita came into the world on Christmas Day.  Growing up, Marsha’s life has been unconventional. Her determination, appreciation, and hunger for learning insatiable.   

Marsha is an older returning student.  Data demonstrates that retuning elder students make for enthusiastic and dedicated learners, affectionately referred to as over-achievers.  While she has accomplished a lot, it has taken her a long time to go back to school.  She finds that being a student in the academic world is like travelling on the superhighway of knowledge.

Life is easy now. She is getting to fulfill her dreams, has a roof over her head, hot and cold running water, and a way to support herself in the first world. What a change after living on the “Rez,’ the Navajo Nation for over two decades. She has logged more than 10,000 volunteer hours, distributed more than 100 tons of relief, and has achieved some recognition. While she has not been rich in a material sense, who needs money when you have a view that spans 100 miles on the Rez. 

Smiling, Marsha puts the quilts in her Toyota Corolla. She is going up to the Navajo Nation for giveaway. She pauses and makes herself a cup of coffee.  A cappuccino made of fresh ground organic espresso blend beans. She sips slowly then finishes. 

The car is ready. The road, like her life, is wide open before her. She buckles her seatbelt and enjoys the ride.

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