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Alessandro R. Uentillie

You been
my euphoria
in a time we trynna be dormant,
and all this time

I still will find

You been
enlightening my morals
and being
constantly supportive,
even when I had remorse for the guy I was known for
(No, no)
No one wants to see how deep or low you can go in
Suffocating by all these emotions
Bubbling up
til’ it’s imploding,
but I’ll never be broken (Why!?)

Cause you’re way too
and I hope you and Kai both know it
Ever since,
Mr. Stinker, opened his eyes to expose them
That’s been a moment
that’ll forever be frozen
and we hold it... so close to us
that I slowly begin to remember what it was
and all that
when we were together
and it finna be better
even if it’s just a little bit,
an inch of measure
of all that we done...

Our hope, trust, and now our son
with laughs to come
to an endless love
memories now, yet can never touch
but moments like this
You will see
all that you is
from all the times,
you ain’t never had sh**
How could I forgot
Times I remember this
and times I reminisce
with a little bit of a NEU drug
Cause there sits
in a crib
My cute son
and those don’t
or won’t ever know
The thought of leaving your son alone...
and these are regrets I hope won’t be set in stone
cause all I really wanted was to be put up on a pedestal
Like that of my folks
so I gotta let em’ know
I commend every second I been blessed with your essence
(Family) I’ll never forget
A love that never ends

and there lays
my high hopes
that Kai will grow
to mirror your side and soul
Cause I’ve been reflecting on mine
and that side will go
remind me all
I’ve been fighting for
Your euphoria

and I know it’s been a sacrifice
Cause I too have been spending half the nights
to have to fight
to keep myself from the afterlife
(That’s what drinking did)
something I had to quit
A time I been hearing you in
“Are you gonna fight for this?”
A light every time I see Kai again

Minutes of bliss ever second I’m with him,
and there begins my dad position,
a promise I hope to uphold
and add with a vision
That through the friction,
our loves an addition
Something I hope I’ll always have with him
(A euphoria)
I see growing more and more in ya
An aura of smiles and laughs
that take me way back
A past that I’m amazed that brought me to today
and I would never change that
and I promise
I wouldn’t of been able to do this without you. Me or Kai couldn’t do this without you. Happy Valentine’s Day to you, Mr. Stinker and Ms. Sheen. Sincerely,

Alessandro R. Uentillie (L)

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